2209, 2016

In Their Own Words — “I Am Not Who I Once Was; Death and Loss Changes A Person From The Inside Out.”

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Have you been affected by a hit and run crime or a traffic collision? Has a member of your family? […]

2009, 2016

Can A Patch Stop Drunk Driving?

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A company based in New Mexico is hoping to have the solution to reducing/stopping drunk driving.
Dermatec has developed a new […]

1409, 2016

Drunk Driving Laws Are Stricter, Death Statistics Rise

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It’s hard to believe that the first drunk driving arrest was in 1897 just this week. George Smith pled guilty […]

1209, 2016

City Council Cuts Bike Lanes From Mobility Plan

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The Mobility Plan 2035 is a blueprint to guide policy decisions on transportation over the next 3 decades.
This plan has […]

909, 2016

Streets, Art, SAFE — Educating Teenagers Through The Arts

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In major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, literally millions of drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians share bustling thoroughfares. Unfortunately, some […]

609, 2016

SAFE Joins The LA Vision Zero Alliance

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Last year, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed a directive titled “Vision Zero” for the city of Los Angeles. Simply […]

109, 2016

“In Their Own Words” — Ezra G.

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“At approximately 18:45 on Tuesday, 8/16/16, I was cycling, with Matthew Kest, south on Vine street in the number 2 […]

2908, 2016

Ride On Michael Ray Vega — An Annual Memorial Ride

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The Vega family has been through a worst nightmare situation, but it hasn’t stopped them from paying tribute and becoming […]

2408, 2016

Ghost Shoes Go Up In Santa Clarita Valley

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If you drive, cycle or walk around LA, chances are you have seen a ghost bike. These are stripped down […]

2208, 2016

Oxnard Enforces Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety This Week

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Today, August 22nd, marks the city of Oxnard’s first steps toward improving safety on their streets. This morning, the city […]