1810, 2016

LA2050 Grant to Fund SAFE Support — SAFE Needs Your Help!

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LA2050 was launched in 2011 by the Goldhirsh Foundation to inspire an outbreak of civic activism and to develop a […]

1710, 2016

SAFE Organizes First-Of-Its-Kind Support Group Aimed at Advocacy and Assistance

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Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for teenagers and young adults (age 14-29) in the United States.  In […]

1310, 2016

SAFE-ty Product Review — Clip-On Shoe LED Safety Lights (USB Rechargeable) by MyFitLit

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Welcome back SAFE’s Safety Product Review. These are independent reviews of safety oriented products for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Clip-On Shoe LED […]

1010, 2016

Metro Los Angeles’ 626 Golden Streets Re-Scheduled

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3 months after the brushfires in June raced up San Gabriel Canyon north of Azusa cancelling Metro Los Angeles’ initial […]

610, 2016

California Expands Restrictions on Cell Phone Use While Driving

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For several years now in California, it has been illegal for drivers to call or text without a hands free […]

310, 2016

DUI Interlock Bill Signed Into Law

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Soon drunk driving offenders will be required to install an ignition interlock on their cars connected to a breathalyzer under […]

2909, 2016

AB 2088 — Hit and Run Penalties Update

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This week, Governor Jerry Brown delivered another blow to the safety on California streets. Despite overwhelming support from the California […]

2609, 2016

LA City Council Approves Large Vision Zero Grant

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Last week, the Los Angeles City Council held a passionate discussion of unsafe driving habits while debating whether or not […]

2209, 2016

In Their Own Words — “I Am Not Who I Once Was; Death and Loss Changes A Person From The Inside Out.”

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Have you been affected by a hit and run crime or a traffic collision? Has a member of your family? […]

2009, 2016

Can A Patch Stop Drunk Driving?

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A company based in New Mexico is hoping to have the solution to reducing/stopping drunk driving.
Dermatec has developed a new […]